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Pool - Spa Pump Motors

Replacement Motor for Pool or Spa Pumps

There is no need to replace a complete pump if everything besides the motor are in normal working order.
Not all motors will fit all pumps.

Some Tips:

  • A Pump refers to the complete unit, which includes the motor and wet-end
  • A Motor is just that, only the motor.
  • Most replacement motors do not include cords.  Many motors are hard wired into the electric.  If that is not the case, then cords are usually field made to fit your specific needs.
  • When replacing the motor, the motor/pump seal needs to be replaced.
  • Seals are not generic and the seal is determined by the complete pump.  In other words, there is not a general seal for a 1 horse power motor.  The manufacturer and model of the complete pump is needed to determine the correct pump seal for your application.