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Where is GetPoolParts.com located?

  • We are in good ole Florida, The Sunshine State

Where does GetPoolParts.com ship from?

  • We are currently shipping from a bunch of warehouses along the East Coast

How do I know if you have my part in stock?

  • It will say "In Stock" right on the product page. Otherwise it will say "Special Order"


Since you brought it up, how long does a special order take?

  • This one we cannot answer exactly.  It depends on the manufacturer, their inventory, and the time of year.  Most often, we receive the special orders in two to five weeks, sometimes sooner, sometimes longer.  Just so you know, once confirmed, we are not able to cancel Special Orders, they are charged in advance and as well are Not Returnable!

What forms of payment does GetPoolParts.com accept?

  • We accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover

Is GetPoolParts.com website secure?

  • Of course it is!  You can tell because our website will be listed as https://www.getpoolparts.com.  This is just as important to us as it is to you!

What name will appear on my credit card or PayPal statement?

  • That would be listed as our corporate name, Get Pool Parts Corp

How much is shipping?

  • Our standard shipping is $7.49 on all orders.  If you choose this option, we pick the shipping method;  USPS, UPS, FedEx or Common Carrier.  If you would like a different method or a specific carrier, you will be able to choose that option on your checkout page prior to submitting your order.

Why should I register for an account?

  • Simply put, for your convenience and ours!  Let's say you ordered a part last year, your spouse calls and says honey the pool pump broke again, same spot last year.  Well you are not home to get the make and model of your pump; simple enough, log in to your account and see what you ordered and just reorder it again.  As well, you email us and say I need the "thingy" on the end of the cleaner that I bought a bag for last time; well we now know your cleaner model and can help you find which "thingy" easily 😎

What happens once I place my order?

  • Once the order is submitted, you will receive a receipt via email within minutes.  That means we have your order!  As long as everything you ordered was in stock, the order will get shipped, usually within a day, except when "in season". The transit time starts when the package is physically picked up from our warehouse

Will you email my tracking info to me?

  • We sure will.  Since our warehouses ship as late as possible, tracking is usually sent the morning after your order ships. .  If you miss the email, you can always retrieve the same data here: Order Status

How long until my order is at my door?

  • That depends on your shipping address and the shipping option chosen.  Standard Delivery orders ship using USPS First Class Mail, Parcel Select, Priority Mail, FedEx Ground, UPS Ground or Common Carrier.  Average time in transit is 3-7 days, this does not take into account any delay in transit by the carriers. There is no guaranteed delivery time for this service.  Keep in mind that not all carriers deliver on, or count weekends.  Delivery times are shown in business days.

What if there is a problem with my order or I need to return it?

  • No worries, you can actually find all of that information on our site here: Return Info