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VariFlo Nozzle Assembly – Adjustable White

Hayward Pool
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Hayward Pool Products SP1434PAKB
Fits both JetAir III and Adjustable JetAir III Systems
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Questions and Answers:
Question:the tabs have broken off and now i cant remove the jets..is there a tool or any way to remove the jets without damaging the inner threads - Gord (07/18/2018)
Response:Hi Gord, you can try a pair of long needle nose pliers if you have them and use the two legs to try and screw it out while placing a small amount of pressure on the ring. If you don't have that, perhaps two small screw drivers doing the same thing.
Question:I have two of these vari flo nozzles neither one blows bubbles any more Can you suggest any troubleshooting Please advise Jim Doran - James (06/14/2018)
Response:Hi Jim, is there a blower attached to the air line? It is possible that the airline itself is clogged.
Question:Thank you for the quick response my system is supposed to pull air through a vent line there is actually water coming out of the vent - James (06/14/2018)
Response:You can try turning off the system and using the reverse end of a shop vac to blow the line clear.