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MasterTemp Pool and Spa Heater 400 Natural Gas

Pentair Pool
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Pentair Pool Internet Line Part Number: EC-462028

Pentair MasterTemp® High Performance Pool and Spa Heater 400 Natural Gas

Heat Your Pool Smarter

Save money and energy with the MasterTemp High-Performance Heater. Already known as being dependable and efficient, MasterTemp now offers smart features and an optional energy-saving Smart Bypass Valve Kit to help you ensure your pool is ready whenever you are.

    Smart connectivity via the Pentair Automation Systems enable you to manage pool functions anytime, anywhere.
    Full-text digital display combines new functions and a user-friendly menu for easy operation and diagnostics.
    Digital connectivity with your pool’s automation system and an advanced ignition control module with flame strength sensor help to ensure optimal heater performance.       
    Alerts pushed to a smart device to keep you updated on heater performance and real-time status.
    Optional Smart Heater Bypass valve control diverts water flow when the heater isn’t needed to help save up to 35% in yearly operational costs.*

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