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3 Wire Cable with Swivel and Spring

Price: $56.60
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Maytronics Item Number: 9995791-RC-DIY

4 Foot Long

Used on:
Deluxe 5, Dynamic Dx6, Dx4 115V, Dx3, Dx6, DLx4 115V, DLx5 115V, Apollo, Apollo Plus, Triton, Edge, Discovery, Wave 75, Deluxe 5 Trevi, Dx4 Dynamic, Neptune Plus, Premier, Spectra Light Premier, Edge Dynamic, Dolphin H50, Endeavor, Atlantis Basic, Primal X3, Supreme M3, Orion II, Saturn, Neptune, Advantage Plus, Leslie's Deluxe 3, and Spectralight Quest, Prowler 820 and 830.

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