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Retro-Fit Kit for A-100N Pump Tubes

Blue-White Industries
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Blue-White Industries Item Number 72000-550
Retro-fit Kit for A-100N pumps shipped prior to Sept 1 2015.
This kit allows new style A-100N tube assembly to retro-fit into older style pump head.
Ships with qty 1 Clear Cover (71000-156) and qty 1 Adhesive Spacer Pad (90012-399).
Place adhesive pad onto the inlet and outlet side of the pump head.
The pad helps to secure new style tubes (model A1-1T, A1-2T, A1-3T, A1-4T, A1-5T, A1-6T, A1-7T and A1-8T) in the pump head.
Kit ships with further instructions.
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