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Ichlor Spacer Kit

Pentair Pool
Price: $96.07
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Pentair Pool Products Item Number: 523102
replaces cell allowing system to run

8" Long
Used on Pentair iChlor Systems

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Questions and Answers:
Question:I have the Pentair ICHLOR 30 salt chlorine generator for my inground pool. I was needing the bypass pipe so I can remove the generator in the winter. My salt chlorinator is only approx 8" in length so trying to make sure i get the right bypass pipe. I had ordered one prior thinking they may be standard, but got one too long like 12". Thanks - diana (01/05/2022)
Response:Hi, the spacer is 8 inches long in this kit.
Question:What is the link of the white pipe/tube pictured? - Stephen (11/27/2019)
Response:Sorry the pipe only comes in this kit.