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Ball Valve Handle PVC Red 2 Inch

American Granby
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American Granby Item Number HMIP200HANDLE
Specifically for 2 inch HMIP Valve
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Questions and Answers:
Question:I am looking for replacement handles. I have several Legend 1 1/4 PVC ball valves. After removing the center cap I removed the Philips screw. Inside the handle turns a rounded end rectangle. Will the Ball Valve Handle PVC Red 1-1/2 Inch American Granby Item Number HMIP150 HANDLE you have on your web site work on my Legend ball valve? These are the same ones sold at HomeDepot. - Ernie (06/02/2019)
Response:Hi Ernie. We are not familiar with that brand, but most handles are specific to their brand...
Question:Is there a way that a photo of the other side of the handle you sell could be made available for customers? A photo of the bottom of the handle to go along with the top where screw goes in! - Ernie (06/03/2019)
Response:There are three photos for this part, one does show the bottom :)