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Aquachek Blue Biguanide Test Strip

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AquaChek Item Number 561625A
25 Strips

Tests for:  Biguanide, Total Alkalinity, and pH.

Ideal for customers who use biguanide as a sanitizer in their pool or spa. Biguanide is a chlorine-free sanitizer such as BAQUACIL® Chlorine-Free Swimming Pool Sanitizer and Algistat*, BaquaSpa™ Sanitizer*, Softswim™ Bactericide**, PolyClear®***

For a clean and healthy pool, test the water at each end a minimum of twice a week!

*BAQUACIL and BaquaSpa are trademarks of Arch Chemicals, Inc. **Softswim is a trademark of Bio-Lab, Inc.
***PolyClear® MaxiPolish is a trademark of Alden Leeds, Inc. Use of these trademarks does not imply endorsement.

Tests for 3 important chemistries in seconds: Biguanide, Total Alkalinity, and pH.
Also Sold as Namco Item Number: ET 561625
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