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Slide Hose Kit

SR Smith
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SR Smith Item Number 69-209-048
  • Nozzles (top and bottom)
  • 8 Foot Slide Tubing (2)
  • Swivel Coupling
Used On Frontier III Slide
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Questions and Answers:
Question:I have an older slide, three legs, aluminum ladder. Slide curves to the right. I am needing the hose kit for it, slide has hole at top and about halfway down the slide is the second hole. - Scott (04/05/2021)
Response:These parts are for specific slides. Could you email our customer support at poolhelp@getpoolparts.com with the model of your slide?
Question:A standard kit for 6'slide? Mine is 40 years old and is taller than that. It does have a turn in it. If this is too short how do I makde it longer? - Dodi (08/23/2017)
Response:It sounds like you may have an old AquaSlide n Dive Aqua Queen or Aqua King slide. There are no parts left available for these models. If it is just the hose you need, you should be able to pick up something that will work at your local hardware / home store. Sorry.
Question:This is more expensive than most slide kits Is it more durable or anything like that. I have an old TALL slide. Will this amount of hose work? - Dodi (08/23/2017)
Response:Hi - it is a standard kit used on the SR Smith Frontier Slide III