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Ball Valve Handle Blue

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Praher Item Number SU-150-1B
For 1-1/2" Single Union Ball Valves
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Questions and Answers:
Question:Sorry but a novice plumber here... My current ball valve has 1 1/2" printed on the pipes before and after the valve, but the width of the valve measures 2". Not sure if I need a 1 1/2 or a 2". I do know that the nub that the handle goes over measures exactly 3/4" from flat side to flat side. - Gina (07/03/2021)
Response:Hi Gina, the size refers to the openings on each side of the valve. Sounds like you have 1.5 inches.
Question:Just ordered several of these handles (Order Number 135967); not sure if these come with the locking ring or if the locking ring comes separate. Also, would appreciate instructions on how to install. Thanks, Agustin - Agustin (05/19/2019)
Response:Hello, we are not sure what locking ring you are referring to? Are you certain this fits your valve type. If it does, the installation should be to just remove the old handle and replace it with this one.