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1/2HP Energy Efficient Full Rated Pool Pump Motor 48Y

Century Motors
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Century Motors Item Number SQ1052
1/2 Horse Power
3450 RPM's
115/230 Volts
1.9 Service Factor
0.95 THP
13.4/6.7 Max Amperage
48Y Frame

Suitable replacement for these motors:
14796, 19700, 89700, 93620, 165904, 168451, 182824, 186639, 1K051, 2K404, 6K946, A100CH, A100CHL, A100CL2, B361, B524, B846, B880, C1169, C1304, C48J2DE11, C48J2E11, C48J2E11A1, C48J2E11A3, C48J2E12, C48J2E12A1, C48J2E12A2, C48J2EA11, C48J2EA11A1, C48J2EA11A2, C48J2EA11A3, C48J2EA12, C48J2EA12A1, C48J2EA12A2, C48J2EAA, C48J2EB100, C48J2EB11, C48J2EB11A3, C48J2EB12, C48J2EB12A1, C48J2EB12A2, C48J2EC101A2, C48J2EC102, C48J2EC1024A2, C48J2EC102A2, C48J2EC104, C48J2EC11, C48J2EC11A1, C48J2EC11A3, C48J2EC11A4, C48J2EC11C1, C48J2EC12, C48J2EC12A1, C48J2EC12A2, C48J2EC15, C48J2ED11, C48J2EM101, C48J2EM102, C48J2P100, C48J2P102, C48J2PA100, C48J2PA104A2, C48J2PA105, C48J2PA105A2, C48J2PA105A6, C48J2PA105C1, C48J2PA105C4, C48J2PM100, C48J2PU100, C56H2B22, C56H2B36, C56J2B17, C56J2B18, C56J2B28, EB846, ESQ1052, MTR262, S48B52B76, S48H2EC15B1, S88-880, SQD50FL1, V14796
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