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1/2HP Pool Pump Motor 2 Compartment 56C-Face

Century Motors
Price: $230.54
Currently Unavailable.
Century Motors Item Number SK1052
1/2 Horse Power
3450 RPM's
115/230 Volts
1.6 Service Factor
0.8 THP
10.6/5.3 Max Amperage
56C Frame
Key Shaft

Suitable replacement for these motors:

13883, 14127, 86706, 91720, 110278, 164437, 1K040, 5K862, 6K247, 6K882, A600CL, A600CLL, AS600BH, AS600BHL, AS600CL, B120, B132, B525, C1093, C487, C48H2DA117, C48H2DB117, C48H2N100, C48H2N104, C48H2N106, C48H2N109, C48H2N109A1, C48H2N111, C48H2N111A1, C48J2D135, C48J2DA135, C48J2DA150, C48J2DB150, C48J2DB160, C48J2N101, C48J2N103, C48J2N108, C48J2N114, C48J2N116, C48J2N116A2, C48J2N116A4, C48J2N116A6, C48J2N121A1, C48K2D134, CD50FL1, EB120, M512, M-512R, S48H2DA129, S48H2DA5C1, S48H2DB129, S48H2DB142, S48H2N100, S48H2N101, S48H2N103, S48H2N108, S48H2N11, S48H2N111, S48H2N112, SW2555, V13883
** Not Available to ship to California **
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