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Tail Piece

Aqua Flo
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Aqua Flo Item Number 91431200
Used On Aqua-Flo Flo-Master XP2e Pumps
Used On Aqua-Flo Flo-Master XP2 Pumps
Used On Aqua-Flo Flo-Master FM-HP & FM-CP Pumps
Used On Aqua-Flo Circ-Master CM-HP & CM-CP Pumps
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Questions and Answers:
Question:Great. Thanks for the links to the combo and separate O-ring. The other end of the pipe connects to my heater and I need to replace the O-ring/gasket. The outside diameter for the O-ring insert appears to be 3 5/16". Do you have a part number for a replacement? - Thomas (01/19/2022)
Response:Hi, can you email our support team at poolhelp@getpoolparts.com with the make and model of your heater.
Question:Thanks for the email response. I will be placing an order. I would like to order additional O-rings. What is the part # for this item? - Thomas (01/19/2022)
Response:You can find the parts for your pump in this link: https://www.getpoolparts.com/section/1618/aqua-flo-flo-master-xp2e-pump-parts
Question:Good Morning I am repairing an older, 2008, Dynasty Spa. The connection to the aqua-flo flo-master XP2e pump requires a tail piece, AF91431200, a union, AF 91431150, and an O-ring. Is this combination sold as a unit? What is the part # for the O-ring? Thanks - Thomas (01/19/2022)
Response:Hi, yes it is. Here is the link for it: https://www.getpoolparts.com/product/25833/pump-union