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Pentair Pool
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Pentair Pool Products Part Number 073830 - Reference Number 44473830208
Used On Pentair Purex C Series® High Performance Pumps
  • CH-100/ CHK-100/CHKL-100  10HP  1PH  3PH High Head
Brass Cast, Closed Impeller

This Has A Slight Keyed Extension On The Closed End, The Open End Which Faces The Motor Is Slightly Smaller In Diameter Than The Opposite End Where The Vanes Are Located

Closed Face
Number Of Vanes: 8

Outside Diameter: 5-3/8"

Thickness: 1" (Inside Vane Thickness At Outside Edge Of Impeller)

Thickness:1-5/16" (Outside Vane Thickness At Outside Edge Of Impeller)
Front To Back: 3-1/8" Total

Outside Diameter At Motor End: 4-1/2"

Keyed Extension Outside Diamter: 1-5/8"
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