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Drivetrain Upgrade

Hayward Pool
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Hayward Pool Products Part Number SP-2615CKIT
Include Impellers, Diffuser, Seal Plate, Housing Gasket, Diffuser Gasket and Motor Mounting Plate
Used On Hayward Super Pump SP1600X Pump
  • 2 H.P.
This item appears on the following parts diagrams / schematic pages:
Questions and Answers:
Question:Can you provide a list of part numbers in the kit. I need to make sure that they all are the correct size for my pump and motor. - Kelley (05/21/2020)
Response:Hi, can you email our support team at poolhelp@getpoolparts.com with your pump make and model?
Question:Hayward Superpump Model K48M2N111 HP 2.0 SP-1615-Z-1-MEG - Kelley (05/21/2020)
Response:That's the motor info Kelley, we need the model of the complete pump, there should be a silver label on the side next to where the top pipe comes out...
Question:Thank you for telling me where to find that. SP2615X20 ID 21120605005225006 - Kelley (05/21/2020)
Response:glad we asked! You do not need the upgrade kit. You have a 2600 series already. Here is the schematic for that: https://www.getpoolparts.com/section/34/hayward-super-pump-sp2600x-pump-series-parts not sure what parts you are in need of, but the impeller is SPX2615C, the seal plate is SPX2600E5 and the diffuser is SPX2600B. The rest are not model specific :)
Question:OK, we were thinking it was just a kit of common parts which needed to be replaced. Pump is leaking. We replaced the housing gasket and diffuser gasket, and pump shaft seal in the fall. it seemed to stop leaking.. but on spring turn up it is leaking again. We are trying to figure out what parts to replace to stop the leak. Any recommendations.? - Kelley (05/21/2020)
Response:this would be a lot easier through email.... you can just reply to the notice you receive from this...