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Aquachek Phosphate Test Kit

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AquaChek Item Number 562227
20 Tests/Bottle (powder pillow reagents and testing vial)

Test for Phosphates

Use the most accurate method for phosphate testing: a one step, one minute, phosphate test.  Even very low levels of phosphate can feed algae and create problems in pool water. Test for phosphate once a week as the concentration in the water can increase rapidly due to rain, debris or bather load.

Results in a minute!

What are Phosphates?
Phosphates are a main food source for algae and other plant life, and are present in most plant and lawn fertilizers. Phosphates can be introduced to your pool or spa from various sources including fertilizer overspray or leaching, plant remnants (such as leaves or grass clippings), animals in the water, precipitation, or the source water that is used to fill your swimming pool or spa.
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